Couscous line
Technical features and dimensions
500 Kg/h
1200 Kg/h
2400 Kg/h
Strong points
  • Premix
  • Rouleuse of elevated diameter, low rpm with optimal sieving phase
  • Couscous is steam cooked on top and bottom
  • Sieving and selection of the cous cous before drying phase
  • Bigger semolina particles suffer less during milling
  • Double ventilation in romet dryer
Photo gallery
Mixer tank and cyclones
From cooker towards dryer
Levelling device before cooking
Rotary sieve before dryer
Scrap recovery deviator
Couscous being cooled on a vibratory bed
Cooler, sieves, mill
Dust filter section
Couscous is a natural product dating back to an antique tradition. In order to obtain a healthy and tasty product, a certain amount of expertise is necessary when making and cooking it. It is for this reason, that we have dedicated all our experience and know-how to making a couscous line which can optimize each of the different phases throughout the process.

The different machines, which belong to the line, are manufactured with the most prestigious and top resistant materials available on today's market. All the technical know-how and engineering skills that we have acquired over the past 70 years of our company's existence have been passed on to this sector. The technology applied rigorously respects the scientific rules imposed by couscous production. The details we have concentrated on include optimizing line performance and maximizing product quality based on the raw materials used.

The hydration and cohesion system, the scrap recovery system have been the centres of the major improvements and innovations and also because they are the basics to distinguishing the quality of couscous. The cooking phase is catered for in great detail by means of steam injectors which spray over and under the product ensuring uniform cooking.

The characteristics of the belt, on which the couscous is cooked, render it easier to clean it. Another important feature of the line is its unique sifting method [screening] which is carried out before the couscous enters the dryer. This original and unique system, ensures that all the oversized lumps are automatically returned to the product crusher. As a result, drying becomes a somewhat easier and more uniform process. The rotary drum dryer is ideal for this product and the type of ventilation applied maximizes the dryer's efficiency levels. The product is easily dried requiring a quantity of energy directly proportional to the uniformly evaporated mass. The cooler, that comes after the dryer, is a vibratory fluid type bed which has an optimal performance rate. It can, in fact, by using environmental air, return the couscous to the sieves or mill at a suitable temperature for the following phases. The classification/selection, milling and filtering system has a limited job to do because the couscous, at the end of the process, has similar dimensions to the average size demanded on the market. The less milling carried out on the product, the less dust generated and the brighter the product, and improving efficiency rates.

These are the improvements provided by our couscous line, the characteristics of which can already be seen from the pictures.
Total process automation with PLC and PC supervision.

The development of machine automation and the respective design and manufacture of electric switchboards are carried out in a specialized internal division specially equipped for this purpose.

This allows software technicians to work in close cooperation with the mechanical department to find optimum solutions in terms of operational ease and safety.

The know-how acquired during many years of activity, of successfully taking on complex and sophisticated projects for the automation of every production process, guarantees high quality and satisfaction for even the most demanding customer.

Customer assistance is provided by highly skilled technicians who, communicating via modem as well, can guarantee quick action for general inspection or updating where required.
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