Long-cut pasta line
Technical features and dimensions
1000 Kg/h
1500 Kg/h
2000 Kg/h
Strong points
  • Cyclone shape & agitator
  • BELTMIXER or TOTAL VACUUM mixing technology
  • Separate motorization for predrying, drying, humidifcation and cooling phase, no gaps during shape change so no sticks are rejected
  • Dryer driven by one gearmotor
  • Stabilization
  • Limited chain use
  • No steam required - energy savings
  • Full process automation + teleservice
Photo gallery
Stabilization belt as an alternative to main double mixer
Rotary mixer 'PREMIX' and mixing tank
Vacuum mixer
Stick transfer zone between spreader and dryer
Ventilation in predrying section
Storage section and stripper
ITRG 3P - 2000
The drying line GPL/ITRG features the most important innovations in the production of long goods pasta products.

After a relatively intense predrying phase, a rather quick drying curve with a period of about 2 h 40 min. follows. In this period, the product undergoes a treatment which we call thermal inversion, that is, the pasta reaches its maximum temperature in a very short time and then it is quickly lowered immediately after.

The next drying phase is that of stabilization, which represents the point of equilibrium of the entire system since it brings the product to a uniform final moisture content of 12.5% which takes place in an automatically stabilized area.

The gradual cooling delivers the pasta to the final cooling in its absolute stable condition with the superficial humidification necessary for sustaining the thermal jump caused by the conspicuous decrease in temperature.

The sophisticated system of process monitoring and automatic drying control (C.A.E.), supervised by the PLC, guarantees simple and safe operation of the line in all its phases of production.
Technical features
  • Base frame with adjustable support feet
  • Stainless steel support structure and internal lining
  • Single rack with gravity counter-rack for smooth step by step stick feed
  • Individual forced ventilation in the predrying, main drying, stabilization, humidification and separate rapid cooling
  • Hot water coils tested at 32 bar (464 psi) pressure, flanged piping in predryer and main dryer
  • Highly insulated dryer panels, easy to open with rapid selfaligning hinged lock frames
  • Access ladder to dryer roof and safety railing around perimeter
  • Sticks in lightweight anodized aluminum with stainless steel end hooks with stick length of 1640 mm, 2000 mm, 2550 mm according to capacity
  • Control panels and electric switchboards manufactured in accordance to I.E.C. standards
  • Total process automation with PLC and PC supervision
Total process automation with PLC and PC supervision.

The development of machine automation and the respective design and manufacture of electric switchboards are carried out in a specialized internal division specially equipped for this purpose.

This allows software technicians to work in close cooperation with the mechanical department to find optimum solutions in terms of operational ease and safety.

The know-how acquired during many years of activity, of successfully taking on complex and sophisticated projects for the automation of every production process, guarantees high quality and satisfaction for even the most demanding customer.

Customer assistance is provided by highly skilled technicians who, communicating via modem as well, can guarantee quick action for general inspection or updating where required.
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