Short-cut pasta line
Technical features and dimensions
750 Kg/h
1000 Kg/h
1500 Kg/h
2000 Kg/h
3000 Kg/h
4000 Kg/h
5000 Kg/h
6000 Kg/h
Strong points
  • Cyclone agitator
  • BELTMIXER or TOTAL VACUUM mixing technology
  • One combined body for predryer and dryer/stabilization
  • Predryer vertical ventilation
  • Stabilization phase
  • Cooler uses air recirculation
  • No steam required
  • Full process automation + teleservice
Photo gallery
Stabilization belt as an alternative to main double mixer
'PREMIX' rotating mixing unit
Vacuum mixer
Load vibrating distributor with eccentric masses
"Penne" cutter units
Ventilation column and two-row heating coil
TMU shaker predryer
Slotted metal belts
View of aluminium lining and anodized metal belt loaded with pasta
Air permeability of patented slotted belt
The TCM E.CO SYSTEM drying line represents a state-of-the-art technological solution which exploits the air permeability of the patented slotted metal belt system.

The uniqueness of this belt lies in the fact that the air, which flows through the large number of slots placed on the belt slats, crosses the product uniformely ensuring a very effective product treatment.

The equipment encloses in a single body both the predrying and the drying and stabilizing sections and is completed by the shaker predryer and the cooler.

The shaker predryer features three parallel tiers and makes use of an oscillating system to ensure optimum product feed and to keep the product perfectly detached and permeable to air.

The shaker predryer is equipped with multiple coils which allow to reach very high temperatures, whereas the side construction of the trays, sealed by special teflon diaphragms, avoid losses of small-cut pasta through high-pressure ventilation.

A high-efficiency ventilation system with ducted fans allows to obtain highspeed predrying in the TCM E.CO.SYSTEM upper levels which, being physically separated from the underlying sections, maintain very severe thermohygrometric conditions.

The equipment lower section is designed for final drying and stabilization; the latter treatment is necessary to make the product perfectly stabilized and suitable to endure the next cooling process.

Final cooling is obtained making use of vibrating belts. The air, cooled either naturally or by cold water coils, crosses the product according to a maximum efficiency principle.

The PLC-controlled sophisticated regulation system and drying process automation (C.A.E.) ensure a simple and safe line management through any step of the production cycle.

This equipment has been specifically designed to meet the demand for high production rates in short spaces through optimum use of building height.
Technical features
  • Base with height adjustable support feet
  • Stainless steel support structures, linings and specific components
  • Product loading system with eccentric mass vibrating distributor
  • "Anticorodal" anodized metal belts made from articulated slats with opposed slots to allow air flow over the whole equipment surface
  • High-efficiency ducted fans for predrying section
  • Outer motor drives with safety couplings
  • Hot water coils tested at 32 bar with flanged piping in predrying and main drying sections
  • Climatic conditions controlled by "Rotronic" probes
  • Highly insulating panels with quick selfaligning hinged lock frames
  • Ladders and protection railing for access to dryer roof
  • Electric control panels to I.E.C. international standards
  • Total process automation with PLC and PC supervision
Total process automation with PLC and PC supervision.

The development of machine automation and the respective design and manufacture of electric switchboards are carried out in a specialized internal division specially equipped for this purpose.

This allows software technicians to work in close cooperation with the mechanical department to find optimum solutions in terms of operational ease and safety.

The know-how acquired during many years of activity, of successfully taking on complex and sophisticated projects for the automation of every production process, guarantees high quality and satisfaction for even the most demanding customer.

Customer assistance is provided by highly skilled technicians who, communicating via modem as well, can guarantee quick action for general inspection or updating where required.
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