Special pasta lines
Technical features and dimensions
350 Kg/h
700 Kg/h
900 Kg/h
1100 Kg/h
1300 Kg/h
Strong points
  • Very versatile production range
  • Cyclone agitator
  • BELTMIXER mixing technology
  • GM TRAY DESIGN (between rollers)
  • Vertical column predyer
  • Main dryer GM with vertical ventilation
  • Trays inlet and outlet from the same side in the main gm dryer
  • One drive unit for dryer
  • Stabilization phase
  • Production independent from packaging
  • Full process automation
This is an extremely versatile dryer which responds perfectly to the drying requirements of special shaped pasta such as nests, coiled or folded pasta, lasagna, jumbo shells, cannelloni or manicotti.

Completely redesigned, the dryer now rests on a base frame fitted with support legs just like all the other production lines manufactured by our company.

The dryer is arranged with a series of trays which hold and carry the product within the dryer, so that its shape remains unaltered. The trays are built in various dimensions, therefore the dryer can satisfy different drying diagrams in function of the production requirements.

An outstanding innovation has been made in the very first part of the horizontal predrying section, where the pasta is exposed to high temperature treatment with a highly efficient ventilation system.

After the traditional vertical column predrying, which has also been improved in mechanical construction and upgraded in ventilation, the trays enter the multi-tier dryer designed with a longitudinal development that provides a particularly extensive surface.

No other dryer with equal dimensions can provide as much usable surface on which even extremely lightweight pasta goods can be processed.

The uniformity of the heat treatment is ensured by the fact that all trays pass trough the same ventilation points.

The final section of the cycle is reserved for stabilization, and at the end of this phase, the product is cooled in two highly efficient cooling units fitted with cold water coils.

In order to satisfy the current packaging requirements, the line features two combined tray storage systems, alternately full and empty trays, to cope with possible operational downtimes of the packaging machines.

The above solution separates the packaging from the production cycle, thus making product packaging more flexible.

The tray with pasta can be emptied in bulk or in packaged form; in the latter case, the tray is automatically conveyed to the relevant packaging system.

The dedicated control system and the process automation of drying, both supervised by the PLC, ensure a simple and safe operation of the line through all the steps of the production cycle.
Technical features
  • Base frame with height adjustable support legs
  • Stainless steel support structures and internal partitions
  • Horizontal predrying with flowthrough/vertical ventilation
  • Vertical column predrying with mixed flow-through/horizontal ventilation
  • Main dryer with horizontal flow type ventilation and lower section for stabilization
  • Cooler with air flow through the product or horizontal type air flow; cold water coils can be opened for cleaning and inspection
  • Hot water coils tested at 32 bars with flanged connections
  • Dryer climatic conditions controlled by Rotronic sensors
  • High insulating panels with quick self-aligning hinged lock frames
  • Production totally free from packaging by means of power driven storage rollers on the top tier and, if required, vertical storage unit
  • Ladders and protection railings for access to dryer roof
  • Electric control panels in compliance to I.E.C. international standards
  • Total process automation with PLC and PC supervision
Total process automation with PLC and PC supervision.

The development of machine automation and the respective design and manufacture of electric switchboards are carried out in a specialized internal division specially equipped for this purpose.

This allows software technicians to work in close cooperation with the mechanical department to find optimum solutions in terms of operational ease and safety.

The know-how acquired during many years of activity, of successfully taking on complex and sophisticated projects for the automation of every production process, guarantees high quality and satisfaction for even the most demanding customer.

Customer assistance is provided by highly skilled technicians who, communicating via modem as well, can guarantee quick action for general inspection or updating where required.
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